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Hearing Program

The Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation provides hearing aid assistance for low-income Georgia residents. The Lighthouse does not cover the initial hearing exam. If you would like to have a hearing test performed, please contact one of our partner audiologists or hearing aid dispensers.

The Lighthouse Foundation Hearing Program is funded by local grants and foundations, as well as by the Georgia Public Service Commission. Be sure to thank your Commissioners: Chuck Eaton, Tim Echols, H. Doug Everett, Lauren “Bubba” McDonald, and Stan Wise!


Eligible clients are assisted with an affordable, sliding scale package that includes:

  • Up to 2 digital hearing aids from Unitron or Beltone
  • A 3 year service warranty on the aids
  • One set of earmolds
  • 4 appointments to an approved Lighthouse provider


The cost of the hearing aid package is based on a sliding scale. The client's household size, income, and type of hearing aid needed will determine the cost of the package, ranging from $60 to $205 for each aid.


Learn how to qualify for the hearing program.
A list of Hearing Providers by city can be found here.
Hearing Provider FAQ
Help give back to the program by recycling your old hearing aids today!


"Not being able to hear is lonely. Before I got my hearing aids, I couldn't understand what was really being said. I was misinterpreting conversations, which is costly when you are working on projects that require precise measurements. The Lighthouse was a godsend. You can't imagine how it changes your life, to be able to hear and understand things again; it makes life so much easier"
- Jim, hearing aid recipient